Content marketing

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is an essential part of Arik Creative digital marketing agency. We got a team of creative and strategic writers to assist you in creating engaging and enticing content to attract visitors and convert them into customers.

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Content marketing’s benefits

Your website content is unquestionably the foundation and framework of the website, and it should be good enough to captivate hearts. Discover more about Arik Creative’s content writing services.
So, are you seeking a fantastic content marketing company in India for your business? With our excellent content writing, you can effectively connect with your customers. Work with a professional team of content writers in Arik Creative to see the difference

Process Overview


When we take a content marketing project we research and analyze the data about the project and decide what is best suitable for the business.


After fixing the type of content that is most suitable our expert content writers write a unique well-optimized piece that can give a boost to SEO and sites credibility


Last but not least we do several proofreading by person and software to make sure the content is spell-checked and grammatically correct.

What to Expect

High-quality website content has an unrivaled ability to influence visitors and convert them into customers. You can only achieve with the power if you work with a high-quality content writing agency like Arik Creative digital marketing agency. We provide you the right content which will not only boost your SEO rank but also add credibility to your brand.


Your website content is a vital asset that can help your business succeed. However, you must keep it updated regularly and keep your websites ahead of the competition. And we at ‘Arik Creative’ are fully aware of this. Taking this into account, we provide much more Taking this into account, we provide much more attractive, appealing, and intriguing website material, along with features such as:




Website copywriting


Article writting


SEo Content wirting


on-page content writting


Product description & REVIEw


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What Is Content Marketing?

The process of developing, writing, and editing web material, generally for digital marketing objectives, is known as content marketing.

How Frequently Will I Receive Reports?

Reporting is dependent on the Content Writing bundle selected. It’s probably something that happens once a month or once a week.

Which package should I select?

The Content Writing Package should be chosen following your company’s aims and objectives.


Is it effective?


Any site’s contents are considered as the Ruler. The presence of high-quality content on your website draws users in.


International clients can use the PayPal payment gateway for a hassle-free transaction.

Bank Transfers: 

This is an easy and secure way to pay. You will submit your bank information electronically when you receive your invoice via email. 



What Are the Advantages of Content Creation?

1- Improves your website’s credibility.
2- Provides a detailed overview of your website.
3- The ability to properly communicate with customers.


How do you accept payment?

For most projects, we request a 25-75% down payment to schedule in work. We require 100% upfront for brand strategy projects. We accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal. The exact details and terms will be provided in our proposal. The final deposit will be paid on completion of the project, prior to releasing the final artwork.


What types of clients do you work with?

We don’t work with all types of clients we have a very specific choice about our clients. We work with start-ups, professional individuals, and small or medium businesses.


Who owns the copyright for the content you produce?

Copyright for all work carried out by Arik Creative transfers to the client as soon as the balance has been settled in full. However, we do reserve the right to use any work for promotional purposes.

I need something written by tomorrow, is this possible?

Sometimes customers require our services at very short notice. We can usually accommodate rush jobs depending on the size of the project and how full our production schedule is. These jobs are usually subjected to an additional charge on the flat hourly rate.


“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.– Jon Buscall

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